I started to draw serie of pet characters for a game. I want to share with you this first. I created small drawing process animation. Enjoy.


Está quase concluido o meu alfabeto. Faltam letras V, W, X e Z. Alguma sugestão para X? Pelos vistos crianças ingleses têm de aprender cedo que existe peixe chamado Xray. Não faço ideia que peixe é este. Ajudem por favor encontrar um animal mais comum que peixinho X. 

My Alphabet project is coming to be finished. Letters V, W, X e Z to be drawn. I accept any suggestion for X (I found only one option for this - Xray fish. ???

Я почти закончила мой проект - алфавит. Нужны еще буквы V, W, X e Z. Буква Х - просто большая проблема. Или я не умею искать, или животных в английском на Х - всего один. Во всяком случае во всех детских алфавитах детки учат рано радиоактивную рыбку Xray. Есть у кого-то более привычная идея для Х, чем эта рыбка?


Making an animal alphabet.

Hi everyone! I love to draw seamless patterns. What is it? It is continuous or uniform in quality; combined in an inconspicuous way pattern. The picture repeats itself and form uniform background. Pattern design are used to make background in website, are used in clothing, wallpaper, fabrics and other print ads as well.
I have hundreds of patterns in my portfolio. You can find fabrics with my artwork in my Spoonflower shop.
This is an example of a seamless pattern:

And this is an example of the fabrics with my patterns:

I really like having tissues designed by me ..

But I decided to take a break and I started a new project. It is the animal alphabet. It is very funny to draw animal characters and I hope that it will be useful for a lot of children :)

I have some cards already and I want to show you my project. I’d love to know what you think about my alphabet. Please let me know in the comments!

Have a nice summer!


Hi everyone!
It is the time to draw autumn things for microstocks. I am going to create collection of the autumn´s stationery.

My Shutterstock gallery:


Hand carved stamp tutorial.

I made this 7 minute video today to show the process of making a hand carved stamp. Enjoy!

How to make textile pattern.

Great tutorial from Julia Rothman's , illustrator and designer. How to create repeat pattern.
One of the questions I frequently get emailed is -how do you make a repeat pattern? I thought it would be fun today to do a little tutorial showing you how simple it is even with a very complex drawing. And you don’t even need a computer! (I usually do my repeats on the computer but today I’m doing it the way I was first taught.) Here’s the old fashioned way of making a tile-able design:

On a clean piece of paper draw a design in the middle of your paper without letting any of the drawing touch the edges- this is very important. (I am going to draw lions and vine-y things- an influence from last months visit to the American Folk Art museum in nyc.)

Once you finish the middle space as much as you want you are going to cut your drawing in half- scary I know- but that’s why computers are helpful. Once you have the two pieces flip them and tape your drawing back together. Put the tape on the back of the paper so it doesn’t obstruct your drawing at all later. Also try to tape your drawing back together as perfectly lined up as possible. It’s hard to see that I’ve even taped mine since I’ve lined it up so well.
Next you are going to cut your drawing in half again the other way- (yikes!) and flip those pieces and tape them back together. Now your design should be on all the edges only and you have a big middle white space. Now fill this space with the rest of your design. Remember again- do not draw to any of the edges of the paper.
Once you finish filling in all the parts you want to fill in you now have your repeatable tile. You could color this tile and then xerox it many times and line up your design- plaster it on your walls and make wallpaper. I am going to cheat and do the final coloring steps in the computer to finish up my design. I am going to scan my drawing, take it into Adobe Illustrator, color and repeat it there.
And here’s my finished design:


The bunny winter

The bunny winter by yaskii
The bunny winter, a photo by yaskii on Flickr.
Bunny, winter. I drawed it for my little Sofia. I´ll make a orange coat with bunny decoration pieces for her. I´m so excited waiting for the order.
Recently discovered online service to order the fabrics with my own design. Excellent fabrics and printing quality and customer service. Good place for designers. But it isn´t necessary to be designer because fabric selection is big. No minimum order. Love spoonflover.com


Today News. Carrot Shopping Bag

Today News. Carrot Shopping Bag by yaskii
Today News. Carrot Shopping Bag, a photo by yaskii on Flickr.
Saco em linho tingido e algodão. Ilustração com tintas para tecido. 100% NATURA.
Shopping bag, Linen, cotton, Fabric ink illustration. 100% NATURE.
What you think about?


Shopping bag. #2

Shopping bag. #2 by yaskii
Shopping bag. #2, a photo by yaskii on Flickr.
I have new bag. I love Paris and this style of illustration is my favorite.
Interested? Let me know.


Spoonflower-top-10 by yaskii
Spoonflower-top-10, a photo by yaskii on Flickr.
My fabric design is in top-10 week´s contest. I am so happy! Thanks Sponflower.com
Spoonflower.com is the site who you can purchase the fabrics with your own design. Or select the design that you like from other designers. Spoonflower.com have wonderful collection of the fabrics and the quality is superior.



12 Floral Digital Printable Backgrounds in my ETSY Shop

New item in my ETSY Shop. 12 Floral Digital Printable Backgrounds for Scrapbooking, DIY Stationery, Greeting cards, Tags, Labels etc. You can also use it as wallpaper or background for your site or blog. Use the pattern to printing on inkjet fabric sheets. I provide you the instructions to do it. It´s funny way to provide the new look to your projects.


12 Squared Digital Printable Background in my ETSY Shop

I have news in my Etsy shop. 12 Squared Pattern Digital Printable Background A4 Sheets and 2 labels  to make your personalized cards, invitations, party stationery, scrapbooking and paper projects.  6 USD / 4,20 EUR. Buy and use in your creative projects.